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The Science of Gayatri Mantra



Publisher: Shantikunj, Haridwar

(U.P), India, 249411

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The Science of Gayatri Mantra



These are some excerpts from the vast literature penned by Revered Gurudev.The strength of Gayatri is unfathomable. This mantra has the unique ability ofchanging unfavorable circumstances. Read one paragraph of this collection and reflect deeply about how the idea applies to you. Roads to many new possibilities and new insights will automatically open before you.

Lilapat Sharma

Yug Nirman Yojana

Mathura, INDIA

The Science of Gayatri Mantra

One more distinction of Gayatri mantra is that in this chant a request is made to the Supreme Lord for granting us good sense, knowledge and enlightenment. Chanting of the 24 letters of this mantra produces an echo from 24 different parts of the human body. Also, a special aura is produced around the body because of the chant. Because of these two reactions we obtain two benefits - the revelation of the secrets of the universe,and the erosion of the sins committed by us in the past. One thus obtains liberation from the cycle of rebirth. In addition, the worldly benefits of increase in income,strength and means start coming in such a way that the seeker neither wanders in the world nor develops attachment to material goods. Since this benefit is not found in any other mantra, Gayatri mantra has been accorded supreme importance in the Indian culture.

The Gayatri seeker himself is not able to understand from where the great ideas come.The seeker gets unique dreams, hears special sounds, indescribable joy and light.During this process, if the seeker does not slacken in his determination to remove his own bad tendencies and engages his mind for service to others, then within a short time, he starts experiencing more miraculous benefits of Gayatri -worship. The influence of the innate sentiments within the mantra is capable of revealing such secrets of this vast creation which is beyond ordinary imagination.

Although the Gayatri sadhak possesses mysterious powers, its scientific basis must not be forgotten. The meaning of science is that the effect should be measurable. This is also called binding it within determined rules or framework. It is essential that along with purity of the heart, the chant should be carried out at definite times. It is also essential that the chant should be clearly uttered with sound and not mumbled. If the performance of the chant is sometimes hurried, sometimes slack, sometimes in laziness,sometimes wide-awake etc, the results of such disorganized predominance are indistinct and puzzling. The reason for uttering the mantra by regulating it with the help of the rosary is to maintain regularity of timed distance between two chants - neither less nor more. Normally 10 to 11 rosaries' equivalent of the chant can be performed within an hour, thus you can also achieve regularity by timing it with a clock. It is also essential to utter the mantra every day for deriving the full benefits.The composition of Gayatri mantra is based on cogitative science, a branch of learning.

The Science of Gayatri Mantra and knowledge. The habit of cogitation is conferred by the power of the mantra.Cogitation means thinking deeply again and again. When we try to put a thought repeatedly into our mind, it becomes a part of our nature. Hence, with the power of the mantra, the mind is molded accordingly. It gives knowledge and enlightenment by which ignorance and darkness can be dispelled. By devotion, such a change occurs within the life-force by which divine powers and joy starts manifesting.The supremacy of the Gayatri mantra is undoubted, but its meaning is very simple. The mantra requests the Lord Almighty to just bestow good sense. There are thousands of such stanzas and mantras praying for a similar bestowal. There is no dearth of poems in Hindi and other languages praying to the lord to grant good sense. Then why are they not treated on par with Gayatri mantra and why their recitation does not prove useful?

In reality, the interweaving of words is really more important in the eyes of the person
creating the mantra. It is useless to split hair over the meaning of the words 'hrim','shrim' ‘klim', "ai', 'hoon', 'yun', 'phut' etc. They have been created keeping in view the level of energy- vibration produced by them and what is their influence on the person who recites, on the external atmosphere, and on the desired purpose.The deity of the Gayatri mantra is Savita or the Sun God. Whatever benefit, proper health, money and wealth, and desires like begetting a son or achievement of ambitions are fulfilled, their power comes from the Suryalok (The place of the Sun God ).Whenever a mantra is chanted, it proceeds with special speed through the atoms in the
sky to that deity (the power centre), who is related to this mantra. The necessary energy
during the chant is available through the power, and by this power or energy the sound waves -during the chant -are transformed into electric waves and sent as such. It strikes with speed and by it, invisible atoms get slowly transformed and their direction is also reversed. Gayatri mantra, thus provides health- benefits and mental inspiration to the worshipper.

The place at which the recitation of the mantra is carried out, certain definite types of vibrations of sound are constantly in motion. The people living there are able to experience them. There are innumerable holy places even now in India where at one time ancient sages had practiced dedicated worship with mantras. With the passage of time, people who were aware of their special importance such as those wanting to know about the Supreme and saints also selected them for performing penance and achieved spiritual uplift. Likewise in the divine Himalayas there are so many caves where, if one sits with an unruffled mind, one can hear the sound of mantras being
recited. At some time, the sages had chanted the mantras for long periods -their vibrations are still strongly pervading the atmosphere there. Not only can these be heard and experienced but the seeker can also benefit through them.The reason for the prime importance given to Gayatri mantra is that a high philosophy of Divine Intelligence is contained therein. The ancient sages who practiced Gayatri mantra were inspired with the welfare of every human being. They have named it as
Vedmata (mother of the vedas), Devmata (mother of the Gods) and even Vishwamata (mother of the universe). Not only in the Hindu religion but even in other sects it finds a place. Gandhiji believed it to be the main foundation of future world- religion or a world culture and had said that if peace descended on this earth, it will be through inspiration from the Gayatri mantra. Gayatri mantra is fully scientific and the process of chanting it is not just-a psychological one, but it is based on the science of words and rhythm.

All the four factors recognized by psychologists as the four supports for the training of the mind are included in japa or repetition of Gayatri mantra. Japa can be said to be a good confluence of these four enunciations. These supports are: (i) learning by repetition (ii) to make it a part of one's nature, (iii) broken relations should be reestablished and made permanent, (iv) one's faith, devotion and trust to be made deep and take them to the level of experiencing and sympathizing. In the language of philosophy, these are called: 1) self- inspection, 2) discovering the self 3) self - formation and 4) self -development. By climbing these four steps of japa (repetitive chanting) the soul is able to reach out to the Supreme Lord.

In this mantra a request has been made to the Lord for the endowment of the element "dhee" which confers wisdom. The mind is like that hard field which requires digging,weeding and so on. Sowing the seeds in a hard unprepared field amounts to waste of seeds, since these will not grow in it. Similarly the mind needs to be properly ploughed by 'japa' (or chanting of mantra) so that the seed of spiritual endeavor can sprout and grow in it. Through japa, an individual becomes trained in introspection by which he is able to recognize the dirt within, and prepares a plan to destroy and throw them out.There is no other solution for instilling deep within oneself the divine or spiritual sacraments. Japa is a kind of scrubbing brush which scrubs away the layers of dirt in the
mind and heart and thus cleans them.It will be an insufficient japa if one is satisfied with mere introspection. The sooner the insufficiencies, weakness and stubbornness or obstinacy are removed, the sooner one will experience the benefits very clearly. One will experience ups and downs in this
exercise. Bad habits, desires, passions etc will repeatedly try to make you fall down, but by that time the seeker realizes that he is not the body but the soul, which is a hundred thousands times more spiritual than it is physical. Therefore for a mere grain of selfish interest to ignore spiritual salvation is not intelligent thinking. Hence the seeker, upon seeing his salvation in spirituality, retreats sincerely, repents for his mistakes, corrects them and determines never to repeat them.

For the spiritual endeavor through the medium of the tongue, the policy of the seeker should be adopted when using it for taste and speech. One should not eat out of immoral or dishonest income. One should live thriftily from whatever is earned by honest hard work. One should battle with the bad habit of indulging in the whims of taste and should take simple easily digestible food -like medicine -only to the extent and capacity of one's stomach. For one who adopts this viewpoint where is the point of taking such avoidable materials like liquor, meat etc.? He must also avoid hot spices,intoxicants, sweetmeats and savories. It is very clear that the kind of food that we take,affects our mind. Simple food increases simplicity of the mind, i.e. frees the mind from
distorted thinking and prepares it for chanting Gayatri mantra.The simplicity of food greatly affects the purity of speech. The unseen, hidden power ofthe tongue is destroyed by undesirable food and the words uttered by the tongue become devoid of the capacity to achieve spiritual effect. The other work of speech is conversation with others. The level of conversation in our daily lives should be imbibed with high level and ideal traditions. The procedure of mantra-recitation is easy but spiritual endeavor with it is difficult, and without spiritual endeavor, proper result cannot be obtained. In this endeavor of chanting the mantra all the senses and sense
organs including the tongue have to be cleansed thoroughly .Those who understand this truth, do not limit their efforts up to the rituals only but also prepare a detailed plan to raise the quality of their life. People will find themselves getting the benefits of their efforts in proportion to the action of the above plan.Speech can be put to good use as well as bad. Bitter words, insult, contempt, taunts, slander, back-biting create an atmosphere of revenge, and resistance, non-co-operation and conflict. Reaction to them produces conflict, restlessness and lack of mental-peace.It is said, "The wound caused by a sword will heal in time, but the wound caused by the tongue will never heal". A few wounding words from Draupadi led to the Mahabharat
–war, resulting in destruction of innumerable lives. Gentle speech creates a miraculous
impression on the listener because it is full of gentlemanliness, politeness and goodwill,and confers peace and direction. Thus brahmin-saints, the proclaimers of truth and knowledge have contributed to the welfare of innumerable lives by their divine words.The first effort in the spiritual endeavor with Gayatri mantra is to clean one's qualities,deeds and nature. Mere discipline of the tongue cannot lead to a change to better speech. Abstinence from speech, truthful pleasant words, good intentions, balanced and a small circle of friends are merely outward treatments. But a combination of excellence within the heart and idealism in actions is the treatment within. Just as onions, radish,liquor etc. cause bad breath, similarly if there is imbalance within the heart, then mistakes are also committed in disciplining the tongue. Hence, spiritual endeavor by the control of tongue should not be limited to mere control of words, but should also be connected with cleanliness of the heart, both being dependent on each other. Then the change of speech becomes a reality and the recitation of Gayatri mantra becomes successful and meaningful.

Achievement of success in any field does not depend on a single factor. Hard work is necessary for success, and although success is not possible without hard work, this alone is not enough. Insight and vision are also required along with hard work. If effort is made with insight and  derstanding and obstacles coming in the way of success are removed, then there is a possibility of success, but this is also is not enough. Along with effort, insight and understanding, for success, patience is also required. The result of efforts and eagerness is not available immediately. One needs to be patient. It takes time for the seed to sprout, grow into a tree and develop foliage and flowers. Neither the seed sprouts forth nor can flowers blossom before time.It is very clear that success does not depend on a single factor. It requires extensive support. Whether it is material or spiritual goal, in each field extensive support is required for achievement of the purpose. In the endeavors for spiritual uplift, success with mantra is also achieved only after fulfilling of certain supportive requirements.There is power in proven mantras and with their strength many types of miracles and blessings can be achieved. For achieving them, spiritual endeavor is required and spiritual endeavor is not a one-dimensional process. It consists of four sections or steps.There are four supports for success of any mantra -one is the mantra itself where the energy of the word is utilized, second is mental concentration, third is excellence of
character and fourth unshakable faith in the desired goal.The fickleness of the mind is due to the constant hunger of the organs for gratification.The mind's thirst for gratifying the desires, passions and ego is similar to the helterskelter running of the musk-deer which is constantly running after the smell although the musk is within the animal itself. How is mind's concentration possible for achieving success with mantra, although the truth is that the concentration of mind is the most important power in the spiritual field? There is mention in the scriptures of the
necessary means for attaining this concentration of the mind, but its success is also related to the resistance to the wickedness affecting the mind. Those who have achieved the proper inner stability necessary for achieving the concentration of the mind, they alone will be able to benefit from the real and deep concentration.The strength of the mantra goes on increasing in proportion to the extent of the depth of one's faith in the desired goal. Ambitions develop on the basis of trust and mind's formation is achieved accordingly. The mind has to do quite a lot of work. The mind also administers the body. The work of giving direction to the mind is carried out by the faith and trust within the heart, i.e. the centre of inspiration moves on the axis of this
faith. Faith itself is the character. The whole- heartedness and the intensity with which this faith can be harnessed for the meaningful attainment of the spiritual endeavor, the mantra will become that much strong. The miraculous power of the performer will be proportionately profound.

In most of the endeavors for spiritual uplift, the chanting of the mantra is involved in some form or the other. This is because the science of the mantra awakens those dormant powers in his heart which take him to the high spiritual goal. In other mantraprocesses,rituals have to be performed, but the spiritual endeavor for attaining success in the Gayatri mantra is perfect in itself. Gayatri mantra alone is capable of conferring all those attainments which are attainable through many and varied paths. Four truths are innate to the success of this spiritual endeavor: 1. word power, 2. mental concentration, 3. excellence of character, and 4. unshakable faith. The constant hunger of the organs for gratification is the principal reason for the fickleness of the mind. The mind's thirst for gratifying the desires, passions and ego is similar to the helter-skelter running of the musk-deer which is constantly running after the scent. The concentration of the mind is the most important power m the spiritual field. There is mention a in the scriptures of the necessary means for achieving this concentration of mind, but its success is also related to resistance to the wickedness affecting the mind. Those who have achieved the inner stability on the basis of a cleansed view point for achieving the concentration of mind will only be able to benefit from the real and deep concentration. They will be able to thoroughly meditate, and will get the opportunity to benefit from the divine capabilities based on whole hearted efforts.

The aim for which the spiritual endeavor is carried out should be of a high level. It must not be employed for the fulfillment of selfish material interests. Material happiness is attained through worthiness, skills and diligence and they should be purchased through these efforts only. Spiritual strength should be used for developing one's competence which can be helpful in increasing one's wealth. Inner capabilities should be developed on this basis. The seeker's character and conduct should be kept at a high level. His viewpoint should not be of childish curiosity for displaying achievements and miracles. Instead like a divine person he should be sincerely so dedicated for personal welfare and world's welfare that his soul should become free from desires and take interest in spiritual knowledge.

In the spiritual field the subtle meaning of the word 'heart' is taken as compassion. The
wicked and cruel people are called 'heartless'. This does not mean the presence or absence of the physical heart which is behind the ribs. Instead it means the place of origin of high level restraint, good conduct, clean thoughts, warmth, transparency,friendliness, generosity. If the heart is full of these, other spiritual powers will also grow, develop and bear fruit. If the heart is full of the cruelty and the wickedness of demons, then in such barren land spiritual competence will not sprout and develop. Many rules have to be observed when performing spiritual endeavor through the chanting of a mantra. The seeker has to be disciplined about his food and conduct. The seeker has to observe celibacy and has to be restrained within a framework of rules so
that he will be inspired to become a man of character, a gentleman and a virtuous person. Anger and malice are prohibited in this process because the mind and the body -which produce the energy in the mantra - must be free from dirt. To produce the influence of the energy in the mantra, it is essential that the seeker's organs and his consciousness consisting of mind, intelligence, chitta (that part of the mind which takes part in concentration) and ego be purified. It has been seen that seeker with purity of character achieves success with little penance and chanting of mantra whereas those performing the spiritual endeavor while retaining their faults and bad tendencies achieve no results.

Although there is so much importance in the power of the mantra, all are not able to achieve that supremacy and they harbor continuous doubts regarding its success. The reason for this is lack of faith and confidence. When a person does not develop the pure and competent character - essential for making profound sentiments innate in the mantra - the mantra gives only ordinary results. One does not get any extra benefits with it. The work of raising a person to a high level begins with truthfulness in speech and conduct, simplicity and pleasantness and this spreads to all the activities in life. If the antahkaran (inner self) is consistently loaded with the dirt of wrong type of food, conduct, life-style and speech, then howsoever good the mantra and the effort for the
mantra, it will not be able to show any effect. There are innumerable benefits from the chanting of the Gayatri mantra. If people take the shelter under this mantra, they will be able to see rays of hope even though they may be afflicted, facing calamities and scarcity or trapped in etchedness because of failures. People who found their future as full of darkness and were afraid of being
trapped in the vicious circle of calamities have found a new enlightenment through this spiritual endeavor. Persons living in want have been seen to be freed from it and people suffering from diseases have been found to be freed from their afflictions. The flames of desires have been found to be quenched and resulting in peace. People fallen have been uplifted with the support of this mantra. Spiritual endeavor with Gayatri mantra brings a new turn, a new change in the thinking and actions of a man. God's blessings are also dependent upon rules, organization and principles. There is no place for injustice or partiality in this. It is not at all possible that God will shower abundant blessings on those doing the worship and severely punish those who do not worship. If such things start happening there will be sever disorganization and anarchy in the world. The rule of the necessity of worthiness and diligence for success exists from time immemorial. For this reason reasonable people go on making efforts for increasing their competence and collecting the means. If this tradition of maintenance of the proper organization of the creation becomes topsy-turvy and one's desires are satisfied by the grace of deities, then the organized functioning of universal creation will be certainly turned upside-down. Then no one will increase his competence to be worthy nor will think it necessary to exert for success.

With the change in the condition of the mind, the situation will be clearly seen to be changing. It is not at all possible that inner reformation does not produce outer improvement. The opposition, non-cooperation contempt etc. do not come without a reason. There is always some undesirable traits as the root cause. Once these are removed, the people in our contact become favorable become co-operative resulting in the easing of obstacles to a great extent. Progress is nothing but the reduction of unfavorable circumstances and increase in favorable circumstances. The fundamental reason in this is our own character itself. If darkness pervades it, then a number of conflicts will arise and if virtue increases in our character, then the situation leading to
prosperity will come naturally.The power of the deities is present in the subtle world around us. These deities are not separate powers from God. They are the waves of the same great ocean. They can be said to be the rays of energy at various levels from the great Sun, which fulfils the
purpose of keeping a balanced organization of the creation. The focal point of their activities is protection of the morality and removal from the roots of immorality.The blessings from the deities are not received in the form of money and wealth. They themselves are divine and dynamic therefore their blessings will also be divine and dynamic only. The place for the manifestation of the deities is the antahkaran. How many of the divine rays penetrated the antahkaran or the inner self.
The deities do not shower the wealth and prosperity on their worshippers. They confer good inspirations for good deeds. This is the real prosperity. Competence is the other name for it. One who has these properties with him can exchange them – like bank cheques - at any shop. He can achieve success at any level in any field. The seeker receives inspirations as a result of his worship. The actual blessing from the deity is to adopt good intentions with determination and to develop the courage to put these into action. The real seekers perform the worship and along with it they also accept the divine inspiration showered as divine blessings. We go on receiving happiness,prosperity and competence in proportion in which we include divinity in their activities.

An individual may perform various types of worship etc. but if he does not pay attention to cleansing his soul, then one must understand that his prayers have not reached that deity. If his prayers had reached the proper place, he would have certainly received the answer and in turn goodwill would come up, discretion arises and indescribable enthusiasm for good deeds would be born. If the life-style remains selfish and he is not able to think of anything except greed, attachment, passions and desires,then it must be understood that the seeker has made a mistake in understanding the fundamental principles of divine worship and he is wandering in the illusion of selfdeception.In such a situation, if he has to remain disappointed and complain that his wish has not been fulfilled, nobody should be surprised.Atharva ved says that long life, energy, wealth, production, family, money and divine blessings - these seven benefits are obtained with the blessings of vedmata Gayati. There is not even an iota of exaggeration in this assertion. From the news received every day it becomes known that those who have taken shelter at the feet of the Mother have received promising help for becoming free from trouble, increasing the means and
achieving success. The main reason in such events is the increase in the virtue in the thoughts and actions of the seeker. If one hears of a mean and wicked man having attained some special achievement, it must be taken as a coincidence and nothing else.

The worship of Gayatri and its beneficial results are permanent and based on the pure truths and principles of spiritual science.

About the Author:

Shriram Sharma Acharya: A seer-sage and a visionary of the New Golden Era.His personality was a harmonious blend of a saint,spiritual scientist, yogi, philosopher, psychologist, writer,reformer, freedom fighter, researcher, eminent scholar and visionary. He pioneered the revival of spirituality and creative integration of the modern and ancient sciences and religion relevant in the challenging circumstances of the present times. In 1979, he founded the Brahmavarchas

Research Institute, the research center in Haridwar (India) dedicated to the integration of the modern and ancient sciences in a practical way motivated by the noble goal of health and happiness for all. This center houses well equipped laboratories of Haemetology, Biochemistry,Neurophysiology, Cardiology, Phytochemistry, Psychometry, Yagyopathy etc.

At the age of 15, (Jan 18th, 1926) a great Himalayan yogi, Swami Sarveshvaranandji appeared before him in astral body from the flame of the  Dipaka (lamp) and guided him throughout his entire life. The next 24 years of his  life were devoted to 24 Mahapurashcharanas –each consisting of the rhythmic  recitation (japa) of 2.4 million Gayatri Mantra with strictest of disciplines. In
1943, he married Bhagwati Devi, and ever since, the saintly couple dedicatedly pursued the noble mission of spiritual upliftment of humankind.Realizing the potential of inspiring literature and its relevance in the present era of intellectual evolution, he had chosen writing as the principal mode towards uprooting the evil tendencies and blind faith from people’s minds and arousing
the indwelling wisdom, strength and spiritual bliss. He wrote about 3000 enlightening books in Hindi on almost all topics concerning human life. He translated the entire Vedic Vangmaya (4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, 18 Puranas etc.) in Hindi elucidating the tradition, style, universality and history of Vedic Literature. He also practiced higher-level Sadhana on the arduous heights of the Himalayas and established enliven contact with the Rishis of the Himalayas.During 1984-1986, he carried out the unique spiritual experiment of Sukshmikarana, meaning sublimation of vital force and physical, mental and spiritual energies. He authored a special set of 20 books highlighting the future of the world and conveying the message of the dawn of the New Era of Truth
during the 21st Century. On 2nd June 1990, he voluntarily shed his physical sheath.

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