Monday, 29 July 2013


"The Yogi:

1. knows the past and future*
2. understands the language of all people and animals
3. knows his/her past and future lives*
4. can reads the minds of others*
5. can define precise details of the minds of others*
6. can become invisible at will
7. can arrest the senses, hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell
8. knows the exact time of his/her death
9. is friendly and compassionate to all*
10. is strong and graceful*
11. clearly sees objects near, far, gross, fine and concealed
12. knows the working of the solar system
13. knows the function of the lunar system and through that the position of the galaxies
14. reads the movement of the stars from the pole star and predicts world events
15. knows his/her body and its orderly functions
16. conquers hunger and thirst
17. makes his/her body and mind immobile like a tortoise
18. has visions of perfected beings, teachers and masters
19. has the power to perceive anything and everything
20. is aware of the properties of the consciousness*
21. by knowing the properties of consciousness uses consciousness to light the lamp of the soul
22. realises the enlightened soul and thus has divine faculties beyond the range of ordinary senses (apperception)*
23. leaves his/her body consciously and enters the bodies of others at will
24. walks over water, swamp and thorns
25. creates fire at will
26. hears distant sounds
27. can levitate
28. frees himself/herself from afflictions at will and often lives without a body
29. controls nature's constitutes, qualities and purposes
30. is lord of the elements and their counter parts
31. possesses an excellent body with grace, strength, perfect complexion and lustre*
32. has perfect control over his/her senses and mind and their contact with the lower self or "I" consciousness
33. transforms body, senses, mind, intelligence and consciousness to upmost sharpness and speed, in tune with his/her very soul
34. has gained dominion over all creation and all knowledge"

from: "light on Yoga" by B.K.S Iyengar

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