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Monday, 31 October 2016



Ever since I wrote in my blog post that Ashwamedha is a bloodless sacrifice and it is a amazing ancient method of VOTE OF CONFIDENCE – all FAKE gurus have hastened to delete what bloody nonsense they have written,  and have adopted it my way.   

A lot of them have also deleted the HELL concept and fallen in line saying that there is NO hell in Hinduism.  

More of them have deleted what they have written about humans going back as animals after bad Karma – and now say that once you are born a human you cant go back as a animal or bird or insect.


We Indians came to know that Ashwamedha sacrifice was a bloody horse  sacrifice only after the white invader came to India.

The immoral white historian and the Rothschild monopolized media created cock and bull stories to DIVIDE AND RULE and to soul harvest by making the Hindu self loathing.

To add insult to injury the white man wrote that after the horse was killed the mother, wife and sisters of the King used the horse’s phallus as a DILDO for sexual pleasure.

With animal sacrifice lies they were indeed very successful in driving Hindus away from a cruel savage religion.

They did NOT ask themselves a simple question—if so why are the Brahmins vegetarians ?
At every DESH DROHI literary fest they would discuss how ancient Hindus and Maharishis ate beef .
There were NO animal or human sacrifices in Sanatana Dharma, till the white invader came to India. 

After they white invader came to India they created FAKE Hindu mutts and installed FAKE shankaracharyas and hijacked Hinduism.

The FAKE shankaracharyas joined the Rotshchild historians and wrote that Brahmins sacrificed animals .

They injected poison in several ancient scriptures. 

This I why NO manuscript can be trusted if it is carbon dated to be less than 400 years.  

Nothing printed can be trusted.  No internet Hindu site can be trusted as most Hindu sites are run by  Jews/  evangelist soul harvesting Christians  / BR Ambedkar – EVR Periyar dalit followers/ Chitpavan Jews   / athiests and Zakir Naik type Muslims.

Wikipedia is full of injected poison.

Let me give a few example:-

In the concluding passage of the Chandogya Upanishad you find injected  "Anyatra tirthebhyah".  It means ahimsa must be practised except with regard to Vedic rites.   POISON

Vyasa states in his Brahmasutra that animal sacrifice is not sinful since the act is permeated by the sound of the Vedas.    POISON

Manu smriti has been totally poisoned. Manu was a noble maharishi –NOT a bigot.  So, according to Manu  conducting one asvamedha ( bloody horse sacrifice ) is superior to performing a thousand other sacrifices.   POISON

In sacrifices in which the vapa ( marrow ) of animals is offered, only a tiny bit of the remains of the burnt offering is partaken of - and of course in the form of prasada    .POISON

In the haviryajna sacrifice  (nirudhapasubandha) that animals must be  sacrificed.   POISON

Brahmins sacrificed herds and herds of animals and gorged themselves on their meat. The Buddha saved such herds when they were being taken to the sacrificial altar.    POISON
For vajapeya , the top yajna performed by Brahmins, only twenty-three animals are mentioned.   But for Ashvamedha ( horse sacrifice),  the biggest of the sacrifices conducted only by imperial rulers, one hundred animals are mentioned.    POISON

The Hindus were convinced by the FAKE mutts and there was an orgy of killing . The white invader tom tommed— see we told you HINDUS ARE SAVAGES.

A homam was never a blood sacrifice.  Ghee was offered..

Ashwamedha yagam was a bloodless homam .

Only an Emperor could do this bloodless “sacrifice ”.  Sacrifice is a misnomer—it is a monitored horse tour.

If the King  does it successfully, he can proclaim himself KING OF KINGS   -having vassal kings,  he can order around.  This means the Emperor to be must be very powerful or well respected.

When Kerala asura King Mahabali did the Ashwamedha homam  , on Maharishi Shukracharya’s advise , the devas got jittery and asked Vishnu to kill Mahabali.

A white riderless horse  is used for this unique cross country run—through all vassal kingdoms .

This horse cannot have a single blemish and must be spirited .    A yagna ( Agnihotra homam ) is held BEFORE the horse sets out on its guided tour— with a whole group of observers following on horses.

The Ashwameda Yagam can back fire very badly if it is captured or killed in a vassal kingdom.   War is then imminent . When there are bad omens women start crying.

The emperor seeks to check out if any of his vassal kings surrounding his empire want to challenge his supreme authority  — in public.
The horse is guided by the emperor’s prince sons on white horses ,  army generals and chosen ministers. 

Below: The Emperor seeing off the Ashwamedha cross country run party 

The white horse runs only during day with huge clanging bells . The route is know to all well in advance.

The white historian lied that Sri Ram’s twin sons Lav/ Kush captured their father’s horse ( below ) . 

This is a lie as Luv and Kush never existed. 

This cock and bull story of Ram kicking out his pregnant wife Sita , was created by the FAKE created ( by Rothschild ) and backdated DASAs.

Soldiers go home to their families.  Such was the honour , that there would be NO attack by deceit.  The authority is the emperor is declared as Supreme .


For more read visit original Blog of  CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL

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NASA delivered their sucker punch--on Dec 3rd 0030 hrs!.

we need to move from Classical science to Quantum science when we deal with DNA!!


Arsenic and Phosphorus are just adjacent keys on the musical keyboard of life --

Arsenic and phosphorus are also chemically analagous — arsenic is directly below phosphorus on Mendeleeyev’s periodic table, and the elements have the same number of electrons in their outer shells, which makes them behave similarly. 

So swapping arsenic for phosphorus is no big deal, even it NASA's great discovery is true. Mendeleyeev based his table on Panini’s Sanskrit alphabets. 

And in any case demented DNA mutations of bacteria in a ANAEROBIC , oxygen deprived, dying ( but once vibrant fresh water ) saline lake is on expected lines.  Can this bacteria grow? --let us not talk about survival .

Transfer the same morbid microbes into the living ionised Ganges water and see the magic!.

Are we not aware of free radicals? We must remind ourselves that this lake which has one of the highest concentrations of Arsenic on the planet is also highly ALKALINE. Alkaline water give away anti-oxidants.
DNA can fall in from the sky--as a mysterious orange goo or red rain .  I have examined this strange orange goo. 
Read my post about this star dust in google search by punching in NIBURU, PLANET X, MARTHANDA -VADAKAYIL

Tvasta , the double helix coiled serpents which cannot be destroyed- is mentioned in Rig Veda of 5000 BC , ( DNA ) as that which gives rise to all life in living creatures.

Digression:  When Alexander the Great came to India in 326BC--he got beaten back by a minor Indian king by the name of Porus ( Purushottam ) who had just 85 elephants. The next king over the border Chandra Gupta Maurya had 9000 war-elephants, and hordes of  fierce Tibetan Mastiff dogs--- and was getting ready to eat up Alexander and his motley army for breakfast -- forcing Alexander's army to chicken out --nay -- fall "homesick" and  revolt .  

This king Chandragupta Maurya had his own personal bodyguard battalion of hand picked beautiful young women called Vishakanyas ( poison-maidens ) who were resistant to Arsenic-- as they had been fed small doses , since they were born.   You make love to such a woman -- and you die! 

For more read visit  original blog from


The protein scientists must realise that DNA stores information in a blue print , and is also a transceiver for communications, via wormholes in ZPF . DNA code and its information database has taken eons to build. 

Ever seen the double slit quantum experiment, where human consciousness is factored in? All the ancient languages like Sanskrit came from DNA. This is why a Mantra using spoken words of correct frequency, can reprogram DNA gone awry. You just cant substitute OM with AMEN and hope magic will happen.( or read the mirror image of OM and call 786 powerful ). A language like Sanskrit and its script evolved from a 12 strand DNA of seers , before 4000 BC.

The human body atoms constitute  63% Hydrogen and 24% oxygen , since we are mostly water. And since we are organic Carbon occupies 12%.  Phosphorus is just a measly 0.1%. Phosphorus aids in transmission of nerve pulses and of course bones have 50% phosphate. Some people who regularly eat RED TIDE poisoned shell fish have plenty of "non-harmful" forms of Arsenic in their body--and testing urine can give a false alarm--this is why hair is tested for Arsenic.

Classical science, has yet to discover the full spectrum of DNA imprinting function or the direct connection between DNA and consciousness.

On Dec 21 2012, when the sun is at the bindu of the Sri Yantra ( cosmic womb ) , aligned with the galactic equator , we will understand this intelligent force residing inside the DNA-

- two more years to go!-- there,  i have said it!!..   

( 25TH JULY 2001 TO SEPT 23RD 2001.)

After Dec 21st 2012, a lot of humans on this planet  will shift to the wisdom mode rather than the knowledge mode, due to preprogramming of his DNA by star dust. These people will have lesser junk DNA. Wisdom determines how knowledge will be used. Science will happily accept consciousness. Darwin and Newton will be consigned to the dustbin and man will understand the powers of his mind, as told in the Vedas written in 5000 BC.  The internet of global consciousness will give DARSHAN of space-time continuum..

For more read visit  original blog from CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL  link as below............... 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Proof of the Vedic Origin of Islam


Proof of the Vedic Origin of Islam


Origination of Arabic (Vedic) 

Vedic Explanation 

  Proof 1


Shahada (faith) is the first and most important pillar of Islam

In Sanskrit ‘Shraddhaa’ means faith. 
The fact that the word for the first and most important pillar of Islam is derived from the Sanskrit word is simple proof that the pre-Islamic Arabs knew Sanskrit and were followers of the Vedic religion but were very degraded.

Proof 2
Prophet Muhammad was from the Kureshi tribe
Descendant of the Kurus
The Kurueshi signifies a descendant from the Indian Kuru dynasty that once ruled many parts of the World, including the Middle East regions before the Mahabharat war (until about 5000 years ago). The war was between the Kurus and the Pandavas and the Kurus were defeated which ended their rule. This is mentioned in the Bhagavad-Gita.

Proof 3
The crescent moon is the symbol of Islam

Symbol of Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva has a crescent moon on his head.

Proof 4
The holiest place for Muslims
Makkheshvar is another name for Lord Shiva. The word Makkah was derived from  Makkeshvar. A place where Makkeshvar (Lord Shiva) is present.

Proof 5

Those who follow Lord Shiva are called Shaivites.

Proof 6
Al Hajar Al Aswad (Black Stone)

Shiva lingam
The black stone is called a Shiva lingam and it represents Lord Shiva.

Proof 7

In Sanskrit ‘Namas’ means ‘bow down’. The Muslims perform Namaz five times a day and this entails specific yoga posture. The Muslims are unconsciously doing yoga during Namaz.

Proof 8

In Sanskrit ‘Rama-dhyana’ means ‘to meditate on Lord Ram’. He is an incarnation of Lord Krishna who appeared in Tetra-yuga, around 1.7 million years ago. The Muslims are unconsciously worshiping Lord Ram by fasting during Ramadan, but they end the fast by killing animals. Thus the killing loses the benefit gained by fasting.

Proof 9
Called the sacred house of God by Muslims

In Sanskrit ‘Garbha’ means the sanctuary of a Temple. A Temple is basically the house of God. The Kaba was known as Garbha before Islam. A Vedic Temple with 360 deities, the main one being the reclining form of Lord Visnu in the center surrounded by other deities including Lord Shiva in the form of a Shiva Lingam, a black stone. The Shiva Lingam (black stone) can be found in many Temples around the World today. It's not a coincidence that a stone of the same color and shape is in the Kaba and many Vedic Temples. It's because the Kaba was once a Vedic Temple. Muhammad's uncles and grandfather were hereditary priests of the Kaba Temple. Muhammad destroyed all the deities except the Shiva Lingam, because his family members were Shaivites, they believed in Lord Shiva. Today there are Muslims called Shiites and this name originates from the Vedic name Shaivites (meaning followers of Lord Shiva).

Lord Shiva has a crescent moon on his head, which can be seen today in many Vedic Temples, and this is also the symbol of Islam. The Muslims bow down to the black stone in the Kaba when they pray, they are bowing down to Lord Shiva, but in complete ignorance of Lord Shiva. 

Based on the Koran 35.10, Allah is situated in one place above the heavens in the sky and he is not present everywhere (not omnipresent). But the Muslims call the Kaba, the house of God which is strange because Allah is not there, only Lord Shiva is there. So the Muslims accept Lord Shiva as God in complete ignorance. Lord Shiva is an expansion of Lord Krishna.

Proof 10

The word Islam is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Isa’ and ‘Alayam’.

In Sanskrit ‘Isa’ means God, and ‘Alayam’ means place. The Temple is the place where God is present, and Lord Shiva was the God for Muhammad’s family members. His grandfather and uncles were the priests of the Kaba Temple. Thus Muhammad dedicated the name of his newly created religion to the Kaba Temple by naming it  ‘The Place of God’ which also means ‘The Temple of God’, Islam.

Proof 11
Tawaf (Circumambulation of Kaba)

The Hindus circumambulate the deities in most Temples. The Muslims only circumambulate the Kaba and no other building in the World. Why? For the same reason as the Hindus, the Kaba is a Vedic Temple. Before Islam it had many deities including Lord Visnu and Lord Shiva. Today the Kaba only has the deity of Lord Shiva in the form of the Shiva lingam. The Muslims circumambulate the Kaba in complete ignorance of the real reasons. The Muslims are very much against idol worship but they bow down to the black stone in the Kaba, five times a day.

Proof 12
Top secret 

Inside the Kaba 
The Muslims will say they believe in the truth, yet they completely ignore the Vedic origin of Islam, even though there is clear proof as described in this document and elsewhere. The non-Muslims are not allowed near the Kaba and only a selected few Muslims are allowed inside the Kaba. What is inside the Kaba is kept top secret. The reason is that if people were to see the inside of the Kaba they would very much doubt Islam.

What is inside the Kaba?

·        There are verses from the Bhagavad-Gita in Sanskrit etched on the walls

·        Image of Lord Krishna as a baby with Yoshoda

·        Image of a bird, most likely Garuda

There was much more evidence but Muhammad and his followers destroyed most of it. We will not know the truth unless a non-Muslim is allowed to enter the Kaba and speak freely.  The Muslims will not allow this because they have something to hide?

Proof 13
Image Worship 

Deity Worship 
The Muslims are very much against image worship, but the grandfather and uncles of Muhammad were engaged in making Temple deities and were the hereditary priests of the Kaba Temple, which housed 360 images.

The Muslims bow down five times a day facing Mecca, which means they are bowing down to the black stone inside the Kaba, an idol for the Muslims. This is image worship, which was performed by Muhammad’s family for generations and millions of others for millions of years.

The Muslims will say they don't bow down to the black stone as God but it helps them to direct their prayers in one direction to Allah. This is actually in complete ignorance, because based on the Koran 35.10, Allah is situated above the heavens in the sky. So why don't they bow down to the sky in one direction towards Allah? Why do they need Mecca? The Arabs were followers of the Vedic religion before Islam and it was not possible for the founder of Islam to change all their Vedic habits.

Islam forbids freedom of speech and thought and the result of this is complete ignorance and thus the Muslims cannot understand that God is a real person with a form who is omnipresent and thus he is also present in the deities in Vedic Temples around the World. The forefathers of all Muslims were followers of the Vedic religion and thus they were deity worshippers like Muhammad’s family members and Muhammad himself who also bowed down to Lord Shiva in the form of the Shiva lingam, the black stone.

Proof 14
Jihad (Fighting for God)

Devotional service unto Lord Krishna for warriors
This is yet another important proof which clearly shows that the knowledge in the Koran originates from the Vedic scriptures, but its adulterated Vedic knowledge.

Jihad is very important for Muslims and this has its roots from the Bhagavad-Gita. The Mahabharat war which took place 5000 years ago in India was between Arjuna and his followers and on the other side was his cousin brother called Durodhan and his followers. Basically there was a land dispute between the two parties. Lord Krishna asked both parties to resolve their disputes peacefully, but Durodhan refused and declared war on Arjuna and his followers. Both went to Lord Krishna for help in the war. Only a few people knew Lord Krishna was God, most thought He was some great yogi. Being God, He agreed to help both parties as both approached Him for help. This is yet another proof that Lord Krishna is God, He helps even the bad guys, simply because they approached Him. Lord Krishna is most merciful to all. The Koran repeadely states that God is most merciful, and Lord Krishna repeatdly proved it. Durodhan asked Lord Krishna for His army which He had since He was a prince. Although Lord Krishna was the almighty Himself, He was the playing the role of a prince and thus like all princes/kings, He had an army. Arjuna knew Lord Krishna was God and he just asked Him to be his advisor and thus He became the advisor and chariot driver for Arjuna.

On the battle field, Arjuna was overwhelmed with compassion for the soldiers on both sides. He did not want to injury or kill anyone. This is the quality of a pure devotee of God. Lord Krishna instructed the Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna and gives him spiritual realization. To make him realize that since he is a soldier, it's his duty to fight when war is declared, we are all souls and not these bodies and the soul is eternal and cannot be destroyed. Since the other side wanted war, Arjuna would have to fight regardless. A righteous warrior can serve God simply by doing his duty of fighting and thinking of Lord Krishna. If a soldier dies in war, then he will go to the heavenly planets and if he wins then he will rule the kingdom.

"O Partha, happy are the ksatriyas to whom such fighting opportunities come unsought, opening for them the doors of the heavenly planets. If, however, you do nor perform your religious duty of fighting, then you will certainly incur sins for neglecting your duties and thus lose your reputation as a fighter. (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 2.33-34)

Ksatriya means a warrior in the military of a kingdom/government.

"O son of Kunti, either you will be killed on the battlefield and attain the heavenly planets, or you will conquer and enjoy the earthly kingdom. Therefore, get up with determination and fight." (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 2.37

The above is the reason why Muslims are not afraid of dying in battle, its because they believe they will go to heaven if they die fighting for God, but they forget that its Lord Krishna who gave this advice first and thus they should accept Him as the one true God. Also Lord Krishna is asking a person who is in the military to fight against others who are also in the military, and not non-military personnel.

"Therefore, Arjuna you should always think of Me in the form of Krsna and at the same time carry out your prescribed duty of fighting. With your activites dedicted to Me and your mind and intelligence fixed on Me, you will attain Me without doubt." (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 8.7)

The Muslims always shout "God is great" and mention God in every conversation, especially when they are fighting, but they forget that it's Lord Krishna who first gave this advice of thinking of God always, and thus they should always think of Lord Krishna and thank Him for everything.

Based on the Vedic scriptures (Bhagavad-Gita, Parasara Smrti, and others):

a. A religious warrior is a non aggressor person in the military of a kingdom/government who fights on the orders of his King/Prime Minister for the protection of women, children, and law and order.

b. An irreligious warrior is a non-military person who picks up a gun/bomb and goes on a killing spree. Killing women, children, and men in the name of God. Or an aggressor warrior or warriors who take women captive.

It's very important to understand that only a religious warrior can be considered as engaged in devotional service unto God (Lord Krishna) when fighting and NOT irreligious warriors. The irreligious warriors are called terrorists in todays language.

It is very clear that the concept of Jihad originates from the Bhagavad-Gita but the Muslims have a completely adulterated understanding. The Islamic Jihadis fighting in many parts of the world are irreligious warriors, because they are not in the military of any govenment and they are fighting on your own accord and not by the approval of any government. They are also killing women, children, and civilian men. This is called irreligious warfare.

In the Mahabharat war, not a single woman or child was killed by any side. Not a single woman was taken captive by any side. Every soldier killed got liberation, this is because Lord Krishna (God) is most merciful. The Koran mentions many times that God is most merciful, and Lord Krishna proves it.

Since the Muslims strongly believe in following the original message of God, they should seriously consider reading and following the Bhagavad-Gita, the word of God in person as witnessed by millions (which includes the forefathers of all Muslims). Lord Krishna has appeared more than 18,000 times in His original form, and millions of times in His other forms, each time proving He is the one true God.

Allah is a concept of God who is great and most merciful, and Lord Krishna is the person God who proved that He is the greatest and most merciful. If someone said Mr x is the greatest cricketer and somene else said Mr Tendulkar is the greatest cricketer.  Only the most foolish will not realize that Mr x, is Mr Tendulkar.

The Bhagavad-Gita teaches that all living beings including the Muslims are brothers and sisters and Lord Krishna is very eager for all His children to go back to the spiritual creation where everyone lives eternally in the same body that is most beautiful, with no old age, no disease, no misery, and no fighting.

"It should be understood that all species of life, O son of Kunti, are made possible by birth in this material nature, and that I am the seed-giving father." (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 14.4)


        Some of the differences between the original Vedic teachings and Islam (Adulterated Vedic teachings)

        Muhammad created a new religion by taking the knowledge from the Vedic scriptures, adulterated the teachings, created a new God and made him invisible so no one can ask any questions about him, packaged the religion differently, and gave it a new label of  'Islam'. Those who have some intelligence and are pious will realize this truth and follow the original eternal religion (Sanatan-Dharma) established by the eternal God (Lord Krishna) and will follow the eternal Vedic scriptures. There are more than 810,000 verses in the Vedic scriptures and this knowledge comes from Lord Krishna, which were written down more than 5000 years ago. There are only 6236 verses in the Koran which was written less than 1400 years ago and all the truths in the Koran can be found in greater details in the Vedic scriptures.


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